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So.. Are you having a good time?

2008-07-30 14:46:50 by Upgrade405

Only just discovered this website and already its going amazing. Ive been posting on the BBS, Im working on a flash with the help of the Tutorials page. :3

Everythings going swell.

Well, Im off. Got some work to do. Lmao.

Cyahh xoxo


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2008-07-30 14:49:30

Fuck you

Upgrade405 responds:

Banned. =D

Also, Fuck you too.


2008-07-30 15:18:41

Are you going to make games or movies?

Upgrade405 responds:

Im going to make movies.


2008-08-11 04:28:35

you should try to create flashes from scratch, not sprites but your own drawings to tell a riveting story, or a gut-busting joke... at least once anyway! but if sprites are your thing, then best of luck!

Upgrade405 responds:

I will. But for now im looking to improve my animating rather than drawing. :)


2008-08-13 15:58:53

Hello hello! Welcome to NG!

Upgrade405 responds:


Thankyou. =)


2008-08-13 19:17:08

I will help you animate if you like?
PM or don't if not.