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Got Bored.

2008-08-16 21:50:04 by Upgrade405

Yupp. Boredom strikes again. Its 2:47am here and I cant sleep. So I decided to make a couple of pictures and the like. Still working on my flash animations too.

About that.. I need a female voice actor for a "myNG" flash that im making. I would do the voice myself, But my microphone has bust. So.. yeah.. I need someone for that.

In other news, My forums seem to be getting on pretty well, You should visit. New members are greatly apreciated.

Well. Thats me. Enjoy my Pokemon rip-off picture.
(Thanks to BBQ Hero and Nintendo. Lol.)

Got Bored.


2008-08-13 19:33:06 by Upgrade405

Just dropping by to drop you a link to my forum.

Thanks. Bye. :D

Only just discovered this website and already its going amazing. Ive been posting on the BBS, Im working on a flash with the help of the Tutorials page. :3

Everythings going swell.

Well, Im off. Got some work to do. Lmao.

Cyahh xoxo


2008-07-27 20:37:07 by Upgrade405

I wrote this:

"Ever since i can remember, I have been a hostage to world of my own creation. Locked inside walls that even I, Being the controller of the prison I had built myself, Could not evade. Behind masks, Beneith the surface, Always simmering, Waiting to strike, The real me lay.. Untouched by the spoils of war. A shining memblem to my past. The only thing i had left of my true form, Was my taste for vengance. The blood thursty feud that i called my anger was building up, Never to be released. I set myself tests, Push my boundries, Exel my limits.. To find myself back at the starting point, Tired and Hopeless.. Waiting for a saviour. But who was this savour? The almighty lord? The one who had made my creation possible? No. My hope lay within a single soul. A lightning charged heroine to find my true self and re-animate it.. This soul was Charlotte. Conjoured from my five-year old mind, A manifestation of my dreams and hopes. I knew so little about her, Yet she knew so much. She was the one who taught me to be myself, To let nothing stop me and never to give up hope."